Kale Pasta Sauce


There I was grocery shopping, minding my business in the pasta section looking for a certain dry pasta, when a NEW! sign catches my eye from across the aisle. I took a step, read the attention-demanding sign and turns out the NEW! item is spaghetti sauce with kale…K…a…l…e…ale, the green wonder plant of the moment that people eat for many reasons: restore hair growth; lower cholesterol; erectile dysfunction; bad breath, etc., etc.
Kale is the cure-all-food of our time…Great. But what the Hell is it doing in spaghetti sauce? Sauce should be a nectar of the Gods; it is sacred.
My Italian wife Mary Michael and I never buy jarred or canned sauce—Heaven forbid. I sometimes bought jarred sauce in my BM (Before Mary) Days, I was raised Presbyterian—what did I know?
I recently applied for and received a Papal dispensation. I have been forgiven for previously purchasing jarred sauce.
I am contacting the Italian embassy in Washington, D.C. to register a concern about this Kale pasta sauce.
It may require a Mussolini-like action.